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Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners: 9 Courses in 1

28 Aug, 2021by Admin 24
Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners: 9 Courses in 1
Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners: 9 Courses in 1

This online photography course will help you to learn how to shoot amazing and wow images, those will make you far different from average photographer and you will know how to make money, a lot of money through photography. 

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1. This course explains and helps to learn tricky and hard DSLR concepts pretty easy way. For example,

How DSLR image taking process works, through easy animationHow view finder works, through easy animation Why you should shoot in RAW Format ?? What is ISO? What is Aperture? Understanding Shutter Speed with Cool Explanation. Cheat Sheet # Shutter speed and it’s use cases. Chart # Sensor Size of Various Camera Deep understanding of APS-C Chart # Creative Mode Dial Chart # Parts of DSLR (Nikon View) Chart # Part of DSLR (Canon View)

2. You will master in lighting (Both natural and studio light)

Why lighting important in Photography? Understanding natural light Problems to shoot a photo in Mid-Day Photography at Blue Hour Photography at Golden Hour You will understand direction light, how to compose light better to take a better shoot 9 important points of photography Reflector to shoot amazing photos Cheat Sheet # Reflector Diffuser to get rid of harsh light and harsh shadows

3. Shoot Cool Macro Photos

What is Macro Photography Benefits of Macro Photography Live view to get sharp AND crispy imagesLarger depth of field to get more detailUse the focusing rail to save time and perfect the focusUse Manual focus, instead of auto focus Diffuser / Umbrella for better macro shots Wind: Killer of Macro Photos Macro Targeted Flash Better tripod to get rid of the blurriness Higher ISO; Reason for Noisy and Grainy Photo

4. Black and white photography

Why black and white photography Power of black and white photography Black and White Photography vs. Color Photography Cool tips and Tricks for black and white photography Create a vintage looking shot with Photoshop Create Black and White with Warm Tone High-Key Black & White Portrait Effect in Photoshop Creating Black & White Effect using Hue/Saturation Tool in Photoshop

5. Mastering composition in Photography – Compose Cool Photos

You will learn what components make a picture great Why composition in Photography? What makes a picture great? Placement of subject technique Separation of subject technique Balance of elements technique Linear perspective Height perspective Overlap perspective Aerial perspective Fill the frame technique Pattern technique Leading lines technique Rule of thirds technique Golden ration technique

6. Here, in this course, you will learn how to make money in stock photography through step by step guideline

You will learn the  success theory of stock photographyYou will learn how to analyze the stock photography market  How to earn from multiple stock photography sites How to increase image acceptance ratio What components makes create a better photo for the selling perspective

7. Portrait Photography

What is Portrait Photography? Key concepts of a portrait photography. Indoor # portrait photography setup Analysis of bad portrait shots, how to over come those? Common mistakes in portrait photography Cheat Sheet # Portrait Lighting

8. Deep analysis on Lenses

Chart # Know your lense DSLR Lens analysis Special purpose lens Benefits of a prime lens Lens market share Nikon lens terms Canon lens terms

9. Filters & Stabilization

Types of filters and which one do you need Polarization filter: when you need Example photo shoot with Polarization filter Neural density filter: when you need  Example photo shoot with Neural density (ND) filter When you should use a Tripod? If you don’t have, then what to do?

10. Long exposure photography

Introduction to Long exposure photography ND filter guide for long exposure shotsWhat equipment needed for long exposure shots Analysis of several long exposure shots Tips for better long exposure shots

11. Photo Editing in Photoshop

Create a vintage-looking image in Photoshop Crete Black and White Photo with Warm Tone in Photoshop High-Key Black & White Portrait Effect in Photoshop Creating Black & White effect using Hue/Saturation in Photoshop Create amazing color pop in Photoshop Cool sharpening in Photoshop How to create an amazing matte effect in Photoshop Add reflections to sunglasses with Photoshop How to create HDR effect in Photoshop

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Who this course is for:

Who wants to take better photos Who wants to make money through photography


You will know how to shoot amazing photos and will make your friends and family wow! You will know how to earn money through photography You will know when to shoot photos in natural lighting, how to utilize at best You will know how to compose better photo shots You will know how every things works inside DSLR with learn by example approach You will learn how to take portratit shots, landscape shots, black and white photo shots, macro shots

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