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PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification

12 Oct, 2021by Admin 16
PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification
PMP Exam Prep Project Management Professional Certification

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Fully updated for the New PMP Exam 2021. Pass the PMP Certification exam with quality training based on PMI’s exam content outline.

The MOST EFFECTIVE PMP 2021 TRAINING COURSE for Passing the PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification Exam.

Based on the New PMP Exam Content Outline 2021 – The course covers Traditional/PredictiveHybrid, and Agile Project Management35 PDU’s/Contact Hours Certificate  Receive the 35 pdu certificate for the PMP exam application. High Quality Videos – The course contains over 360 videos, each of which covers a different topic as required by the syllabus. Full length Practice Exam and Quizzes – The course contains over 300 high quality questions which cover the most important topics. Clear,Concise, Simple to Understand – My course explains everything in simple language with precise lectures. Pass the PMP On Your First Attempt – That is my Promise to you. PMBOK Content – Covers the PMBOK in detail, including all domains, process groups and knowledge areas. Agile Project Management – A completely new section has been added that covers Agile project management in detail. You can also use this course to prepare for the CAPM exam. Learn how to manage projects and become a better project manager.

My course will equip you with exactly what you need to know by helping you focus on and absorb the most important and relevant concepts for passing the exam.

This is a Complete PMP Prep Course so we will cover everything you need to know to pass the exam. My course outline is very detailed so please feel free to go over the Curriculum to see how i’ve covered each topic in it’s own video along with it’s related concepts. The course covers all concepts discussed in the PMBOK.

Furthermore,I have discussed PMP Math in detail through step by step explanations.

The PMP certification by the PMI is a Gold Standard for Project Managers across the world. However , Preparing for the PMP®  Exam can be a difficult and time consuming task. Most PMP Aspirants struggle to balance their personal/professional life with their preparation for the exam.

This course aims to overcome the challenge by preparing you with all the necessary concepts in a precise and focused manner to get you ready for the PMP  Exam as early as possible.

Prepare Yourself For The PMP Certification Quickly In This Focused And Comprehensive Course

This is a Complete Course developed with a focused goal on passing the exam You will get to learn all processes and knowledge areas as required by the Exam. Don’t worry , You will not have to waste any time exploring irrelevant information. My Lectures are delivered in a friendly, simple, and easy to understand manner : You will have fun learning the concepts because i have kept the lectures to be as light, easy, and painless to understand. We will aim to enjoy ourselves while preparing and keep boredom far away. You will Learn individual concepts with dedicated videos : All important concepts have been covered through individual videos so you can simply jump to the topic that you want to learn. Detailed PMP Math : You will get to learn all PMP Math concepts through separate videos with sample questions that explain the concepts in detail from the exam perspective. Become a better project manager: By learning all the essential concepts, you will learn to manage projects like a professional.

Special tips and learning techniques to pass the exam have also been shared over the course.

It’s time to get you ready for the exam, let’s get you Fully Prepared to pass the PMP exam on your first try !!

Disclaimer: PMI, PMBOK, and PMP are registered trademarks of Project Management Institute.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who want’s to prepare for and pass the PMP exam. Project Management Professionals People who want to learn how to manage projects For people who would like to learn about Project Management and PMP Concepts quickly and effectively Experienced project managers who want to refresh their project management concepts

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Earn 35 PDU/Contact Hours Certificate
Pass the New PMP 2021 Exam easily on your first try
High Quality Videos and Realistic Practice Exams that cover the entire syllabus
Simple,Clear,and Concise explanations that help you get ready for the exam as fast as possible
Cover the New Exam Content Outline in detail
Covers both Predictive Project Management and Agile Project Management
Easily Learn PMP Math: Detailed PMP Math Explanations for every topic.
Complete PMP Certification Training : All topics covered
Learn all Project Management Knowledge areas
Learn all Project Management Processes
Learn all Formulas Easily : EVM,Critical Path,CPI,SPI,CV,SV,Float
All Difficult PMP Topics Made Easy : Easily learn difficult concepts and formulas of Cost Management ( e.g EVM ) and Time Management ( Critical Path , Forward Pass , Backward Pass , Float )
Learn all the Agile Project Management topics for the new PMP exam
Learn all the essentials of Project Management and how to manage projects like a pro

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