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Investment and Technical Analysis Methods on Stock Markets

06 Aug, 2021by Admin 39
Investment and Technical Analysis Methods on Stock Markets
Investment and Technical Analysis Methods on Stock Markets

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This training kit has been translated from Turkish into English. The Turkish version of the education is in Udemy and is uploaded by Mustafa Küçükakarsu. All rights of Education belong to Mustafa Küçükakarsu. Translation and voiceover works were done by Ismail Bedirhan Çoşar.

Today, people invest in various sectors in order to better assess their money. He wants my money to grow, so he doesn’t fall prey to rising inflation. But it is usually done unconsciously when investing. What they see in social media, or what they hear in the grocery store-butchers, there are investors. Most of these investments are unfortunately damaged. Because no analysis, no science is connected to the investment instrument is purchased. You will learn how to become an expert investor in this training set. You will be able to make all critical decisions, such as when to buy and when to sell and when to be expected. You will invest in your own decisions without any need for anyone.

This training kit does not give you investment advice. So buy bitcoin, buy stock in this stock market, buy gold will not offer ideas like. The purpose of this training set is to understand investment psychology and predict the future price by looking at the historical data of an investment instrument. In this set, there are no 5-10 indicators , 3-5 formations, as in other training sets. You can become an expert analyst with close to 70 indicators and close to 20 formation.

Technical analysis is a global science. I say science because it harbors high math, statistical methods and investor psychology in the background. We have provided you with a direct interpretation of the mathematics and statistics of the work in this training set. Because there are toll/free platforms that automatically calculate technical analysis tools for us. Thanks to these platforms, we will draw. Only US will remain to interpret. Technical analysis is used in Turkish stock markets such as BIST100, global stock markets, gold-dollar-euro, Crypto Paras, forex briefly in all investment instruments. Since this training kit will make you a global investor, the topics taught with examples from all areas have been supported. A small part of this set is devoted to this area because of the misinformation and evaluations of crypto coins and blockChain technology around the world.

You set this training kit to your mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.).) you can download and then watch it without the need for internet.

What is said here is not investment advice, but tools and methods that you can use to evaluate your investments.

Who Should Have This Course?

• Anyone who wants to learn the practical skills of financial analysis

• Anyone who wants to be a better investor, stock picker, portfolio manager, analyst and more.

• Investors who want to better assess their entries and increase their return.

* People who want to learn the most important concepts needed in technical analysis to be successful in their investments.

• Novice in the markets, if you can not make a profit and to move your investment to the next level participate in this course!

Who this course is for:

Everyone who invest or to will be invest in any instrument Everyone who wants to learn technical analysis art effectively Everyone who wants to maximize the return of money with minimum risk Everyone who wants to hurt the minimum while others hurt too much Everyone who makes an investment in any way, wants to make and wants to make a profit


You will interpret the graph of an investment instrument.
You can make important decisions when which instrument should buy and sell?
You will be able to take positions with maximum profit, market losses, zero loss or minimum loss
You will be able to make transactions with your own decisions instead of someone else’s idea
You can become a better investor, stock picker, portfolio manager, analyst and more.

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