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How to Start and Run a Web Hosting Business Company

06 Aug, 2021by Admin 151
How to Start and Run a Web Hosting Business Company
How to Start and Run a Web Hosting Business Company

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How to Start and Run a Web Hosting Business Company Description:

Do you want to know how to Register Your own Domain Name and Publish a Website Online? If so, this course is for you!

In this introductory course, I’ll first cover the basic definitions of Domain Names and Web Hosting. I’ll explain domain names and web hosting in layman terms.  Next, I’ll show you how to register the domain name of your choice and  purchase the best web hosting plan for your domain name. Finally, I’ll  show you how to easily publish your online using FTP software and edit your website online using your control panel’s file manager.

In a little over 30 minutes,  you’ll be able to explain what web hosting is to just about anyone and  understand the fundamentals of publishing a website online!

Web hosting is a trending business that isn’t slowing down.  With over 550 websites created every single minute, they each need a  hosting account.

A web hosting business allows you to:

Earn recurring income every single month

Increase your earnings month after month

Work from home (or anywhere you want to work from)

Add a new service to an existing web design or internet marketing business

If any of these reasons have you thinking about starting a web hosting business, this course will teach you:

What you will need to be successful in this business The different ways you can make money with a web hosting business All about hosting so you understand what you will need and be able to help your customers better understand hosting What software you will need to automate your business and sales How to proactively support your customers to build loyalty

Who this course is for:

Anyone who is looking for a business they can run part-time or full-time to supplement their income Anyone from anywhere in the world (with internet access of course!) can start this business Anyone who wants or needs to start making money from home Anyone who wants a website published online Small Business Owners Web Designers Entrepreneurs Writers Bloggers


Be able to have your web hosting business up and running by the end of this course by following the step-by-step action plan provided Access to the instructor for any feedback, questions and assistance needed to make setting up your web hosting business a reality Market your web hosting services using a variety of free and paid methods to boost sales and drive traffic to your website Understand hosting lingo in order to set-up your business and help customers select the best hosting package for them Introductory course on web hosting, domain registration, and how you can easily publish and edit your website online. Know the common types of web-hosting problems, and which can be identified before signing up with a web-host. Where to get your website integrated with the automated web hosting software inexpensively Decide which type of web-hosting account is right for them based on their circumstances. Be Able to Explain Web Hosting to Anyone with No Internet Knowledge or Experience Decide which type of web-hosting features they need based on their circumstances. Prepare for high sales and low sales by accurately predicting when they will happen How to upsell your current customers to make the most money from each customer Understand which reviews to consider, and which to reject as fake or biased. Choose the right web host, web hosting account and web hosting features Learn how to set-up your web hosting website in order to automate sales Upload your Website Files to Your Web Hosting Plan using FTP Software Understand the different type of services and packages to choose from What you should do when you aren’t getting any more customers Register the Perfect Domain Name for Yourself or Your Business Understand the Steps Involved in Purchasing a Web Hosting Plan Edit your Website Files using your Control Panel’s Website Editor How to provide customer service that creates loyal customers Understand the different types of web-hosting accounts. Understand the software, plugins and set-up you’ll need Understand the different web-hosting features. Identify Major Types of Web Hosting Plans What is a Domain and How Does it Work Right Web Host + Web Hosting Account What Is a Server and How Does It Work Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP Morphology of a Domain Name Domain Name System What Hosting mean


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