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100%OFF | Learn Linux Security – Working with Permissions

15 Jan, 2022by Admin 3
100%OFF | Learn Linux Security – Working with Permissions
100%OFF | Learn Linux Security – Working with Permissions

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Take a Deep Dive into Linux File Permissions!

This course will teach you how to manage access control and file permissions to protect Linux systems.  Learn how Linux makes use of permissions to control access in a multi-user environment. If your job involves  Linux security administration, then permission management is something you need to understand inside and out. Go from novice to expert!

There’s a lot packed into this course  – You’ll learn how to:

Read permission sets Calculate the numeric representation of a permission Use the standard read / write /execute permissions to grant access Understand the difference in owner, group, and others Learn to change the ownership of files Work with group associations Learn to grant or revoke permissions Implement a custom permissions for home directories, upload locations, and application libraries Learn how you can use the command shell for permission administration Get the details on using the desktop UI for permission management And more…

Key elements of the course that you can take from the classroom to the real world:

– Example permission sets and real world use cases

– Hands on demonstrations of permission management from the command shell

– A walkthrough of permission management through the desktop UI

Most lessons also include a live hands-on demonstration where you can see permissions in action.  Go ahead and get started learning Linux security with this complete course on Linux Permissions!

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