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100% OFF | Sales Page Copywriting Secrets That Converts

07 Aug, 2021by Admin 13
100% OFF | Sales Page Copywriting Secrets That Converts
100% OFF | Sales Page Copywriting Secrets That Converts

Have you been struggling to make more sales & profit online?

Are you wasting all your money sending traffic into a web page that doesn’t converts?

Hire expensive professional copywriter but does not make any good returns in profit or sales?

Looking at a blank screen with no idea where or how to start your own sales pages…..

I completely understands that selling face to face with a prospects is tough, which makes selling online even tougher. Developing the sales page copy was a myth and difficult to grasp, especially when there is no experienced guidance or proven strategical formula to follow.

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However, if you are reading this right now…..then all of that is about to change.

Hi, my name is Sontz Jon from DigitalQlicks.

I am an online entrepreneur & digital marketer which also means i spend most of the time creating online sales copies, videos and social ads to convince people to buy.

After spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in learning & 5 years of practises, i finally manage to develop a formula structure that anyone can follow in order to get 6 figure sales online. It works for selling software (SAAS), online courses, services, products and anything else that you can imagine.

The Ultimate Step-by Step detail course that helps you sell anything to anyone online

……. Even if you are not a good copywriter

……. An artistic web designer/ UX professional

……. Or a talented top salesman/ or saleswoman

Use your own voice without being sleazy, manipulative or compromise your integrity, while allowing your customers to appreciate and trust your products & services after reading your copy.

Here is How it Works:

Over this 1 week training course, i shall walk you through:

The Killer Headline Title Formula that grabs your audience attention by the throat 3 Power strategies to frame your content that “hook” your readers How to create a flow that entice your readers to hold on to every word you say, from start to the end Hollywood screen writing & story selling tactics to bring any back stories to Life The 3 levels structure to identify your prospects inner desires and all of their objections How to handle all 3 layers of objections & remove all reasons or excuse for not buying Increase the perceived value to the highest without adding cost Create an irresistible offer  & scarcity that makes prospects felt regret for not buying Creative ways to generate guarantees and risk reversal A Compelling “Call To Action”

Discover More:

Step by Step worksheet to start development your sales page now!! How to write bullet copies that hypnotise your prospects to BUY. How to get testimonials and reviews to boost your credential even if your product is new, the legal & ethical way. Continuous material updates from time to time!!

These materials worth more than thousands of dollars, and its now given to you with an ultimate discount.

Warning: High traffic sales conversion!! Please do not enroll in this course if you do not have a good genuine product or services.

Who this course is for:

Entrepreneurs who wants to sell and get more customers online Web designers and developers aiming to give more value to clients Affiliate marketeers and bloggers wish to improve their writing skills Start-ups who wants to test market response and gain initial traction Advertisers who wish to get better conversion through their sales funnel ebay, amazon, etsy, alibaba & ecommerce platform sellers Coaches, trainers, course instructors, agents or service providers that sells online Anyone who wants to get as many clients, customers & sales without being manipulative are all Welcome!!


Write killer title headlines that grabs audience attention Psychological hooks to make people keep reading until the end The proper sequence and readability flow to write a good sales copy 6-step formula to write a good story that sells 23 bullet point copy that simply can’t be ignored Identify & Eliminate 4 groups of objections that your prospects face How to get honest testimonials even if your product is new Secret strategies to increase your perceived value to the highest Create an irresistible offer that makes customer regret for not buying How to make strangers feel complete comfortable handling you money online Advance Sales Page Strategies & Many More…..

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