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[100% OFF] Front end Web Development Basics Complete Course

05 Aug, 2021by Admin 59
[100% OFF] Front end Web Development Basics Complete Course
[100% OFF] Front end Web Development Basics Complete Course

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Front end Web Development Basics Complete Course Description:

Hi there, ‘Front end Web Development Basics Complete Course‘ is the ultimate course for you who wish to start your career as a front end web developer or even full stack web developer if you have skills within the back end and you wish to master front end as well.

This course layout is perfect to learn the complete basics within front end web development. Each section focuses on one specific area only. This is great because you will have a full understanding of the basics if I teach you the complete basics.

I will be there developing the website projects with you. We are going to make use of every single basic that I teach you within this course. Each section on it’s own will have a final project where we develop a website mainly by using the knowledge learnt within that specific section. As you progress through the sections, we will also add what we have learnt in the previous sections to create a larger website project each time.

Writing our own code!

We’re not going to use any library to help create the website projects within this course. Why? Because I believe you can only become a professional web developer if you master the basics. And you can’t practice the basics if you use libraries. My belief is that only by writing your own code from scratch in your early days of your web development career, you will be able to succeed to be a strong web developer. This not only gives you the incredible speed in terms of developing projects, this also gives you the power to spot errors faster than anyone. Only by understanding the complete basics about a subject, let’s say CSS, you will be able to immediately understand where about the error lies. This gives you a better shot at becoming a web development leader, if you can spot errors and help fellow colleagues you will be successful big time.

I’m teaching you the basics that I wish I was taught during my polytechnic university education.

With that in mind, you’re going to learn the basics immediately while going through the course. Instead of having to spend over 4 years reading, practicing, building projects, exploring, researched, studying more to learn more. All these steps you will be able to skip in order to learn the complete basics.

Why trust me?

I’ve been developing different kinds of software including a large major part in web development during my time span as a developer. I’m equally good in terms of front end and back end. However creating complex functions with tons of security is my favorite. Security is something that I love the most. After that comes back end combined with front end. Creating outstanding code is my focus. I have 4 years of experience in programming and I’ve used different languages to build different type of software applications. I’ve built multiple applications with different frameworks, IDEs, programming languages that communicate with each other to create a complete system. Which is a incredibly hard task.

With my first ever course I received a lot of positive feedback. The course is a large Discord bot course. Now I’m using my main knowledge to teach you about front end web development.

Why this course?

• The complete course about front end web development basics.

• You have lifetime access, you will get new content for free.

• At a very generous price. The knowledge within this course is of very high quality.

• Downloadable code so you can use my code for free.

• 1080p HD videos.

• English captions.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who would like to learn front end web development Front end web developers Beginner Web Developers Web Developers Programmers Business Owners Entrepreneurs


HTML5 basics (HTML) CSS3 basics (CSS) Correct HTML structure Correct CSS syntax Validated HTML code Validated CSS code Creating validated websites Creating websites with smart design How to focus on writing the correct code Security about hyperlinks How to spot dangerous links in your daily life on the internet How to properly use HTML headings Create hyperlinks to download resources, ex a .txt file How to plan website projects How to keep it simple Creating websites


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