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100% OFF – Financial analysis using ratios

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100% OFF – Financial analysis using ratios
100% OFF – Financial analysis using ratios

Udemy Coupons – Get “Financial analysis using ratios” Course Using 100% Off Udemy Free Coupon

Financial analysis using ratios Description:

*** Course teaches how to master financial analysis using real life companies like Amazon, Facebook, Walmart and Apple using 34 important ratios***

*** Excel Templates, Formulas Sheet, Quiz and Ratio Sheet for past 5 years for Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, Apple and many other  ***

Why should you buy ?

To answer in 5 quick ways

Enhance Job Skills: If you are looking for jobs as Financial Analyst, an Accountant, an Auditor, a Business Analyst, a Financial Controller, a Financial Manager,a CFO, a CEO,an Investment Banker, an Equity Research Analyst, an Investor or even an Entrepreneur, financial ratios analysis skills are mandatory.Detailed Interpretation of financial ratios: Not mere plug and play using formulas. Time efficient – Covers entire universe of important of financial ratios in less than 3 hours Real life examples – After learning formula for each ratio, we will interpret the formulas using financial statements of Walmart Inc Detailed comparison of all formulas using financial statement of companies like Amazon, Facebook, Walmart, Apple  o understand industry dynamics and cause and effect of each ratios. Engaging course – I will take you each ratio using engaging zooming presentation software called as Prezi,  Calculate and interpret ratios using Excel

Who this course is for:

Anyone looking for finance job Students pursuing courses like CFA, CA, CPA, ACCA, CIMA, MBA Finance, Finance Graduates Small and medium business owners, Startup foundersRetail investors Anyone who wants to learn Finance

How will this course benefit me once I complete this course ?

Increase your skills for finance job search Pick stocks easily using the financial ratios Analyze any company about its efficiency, liquidity, solvency and profitability Run your startup, business in most better way

“Financial Analysis using Ratios” Course Details:

Financial Ratios Analysis is often considered as crucial part of Financial Analysis. Through financial analysis requires through understanding of financial ratios. This is where this course comes into play.

This course covers the Financial ratio analysis and interpretation of those ratios.

Activity Ratios: Helps you to know about the efficiency with which the company is operating Liquidity Ratios: Helps you to Understand about the short-term debt paying ability of the company Solvency Ratios: Understand whether the company you are analyzing is in risk of becoming insolvency Profitability Ratios: Understand how profitable the company is. Does it make any money to investors? Valuation Ratios: Master how to analyze any company and pick only stock which will help you earn positive returns

What you will get as part of this course ?

30-DAY FULL-MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You will get a lifetime access to this course, without any limits! Updates if any about course contents, downloadable resources Formulas Sheet, Calculation templates, Peer Comparison sheet

Within these Ratios We will discuss below ratios in detail

Activity Ratios

Debtors Turnover ratio

Days Sales outstanding

Inventory Turnover ratio

Days inventory on hand

Payable Turnover ratio

Days payable outstanding

Working Capital Turnover ratio

Total assets Turnover ratio

Fixed assets Turnover ratio

Liquidity Ratios

Current ratio

Quick ratio

Cash ratio

Defensive Interval ratio

Cash conversion cycle

Solvency Ratios

Debt to capital ratio

Debt to asset ratio

Debt to Equity ratio

Capital gearing ratio

Financial Leverage ratio

Interest coverage ratio

Profitability Ratios

Gross profit margin

Operating profit margin

Pretax profit margin

Net profit margin

Return on assets

Return on capital

Return on Equity

Valuation or Market price Ratios

Earnings per share

Price to earnings ratio

Price to earnings growth ratio

Payout Ratio

Dividend Yield

Price to Cash flow ratio

Price to sales ratio

Disclaimer Note:

This Financial Analysis using Ratios course is for educational and informational purposes only. Discussion made with respect to Amazon, Walmart, Apple and Facebook as part of this courses are Not recommendation to invest in such stocks !

Who this course is for:

Anyone looking for finance jobs. Are You Student pursuing courses like CA, CFA,CPA, ACCA, CIMA, MBA Finance or Finance Graduate ? Are You Investment Professional /Banker aspiring to master financial analysis ? Are You a Small and medium business owner, startup founder or retail investor ? Are You from Non Finance background, yet wants to analyze Financial Statements To The Next Level?


Analyzing real life companies like Walmart, Amazon, Facebook, Apple etc using only ratios Income statement analysis Balance sheet analysis Cashflow analysis Activity Ratios with interpretation and examples Liquidity Ratios with interpretation and examples Solvency Ratios with interpretation and examples Profitabilty Ratios with interpretation and examples Valuation Ratios with interpretation and examples


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Financial analysis using ratios – This Course is Free For Limited Time




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