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100% FREE | Agile Practices Introduction

07 Aug, 2021by Admin 19
100% FREE | Agile Practices Introduction
100% FREE | Agile Practices Introduction

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In this Agile Practices Introduction course on Udemy, you will understand practically the agile process and practices, and how it will help organizations achieve strategic goals and deliver business value to customers.

This Agile Practices Introductory course will help develop your Agile project management approach and product development approach that best fit your product. and understand many of the agile methods like Scrum, KANBAN, ScrumBAN, etc.

In this course on Udemy, you will walk through a real case study “Customer relationship management software CRM” in details to better understand and practice agile practices in order to get best outcomes out of this course.

This Agile Practices Introduction Course is short, but includes a comprehensive practical experience and application of agile practices as in real world, not only theories and written principles. This course will show you how agility and agile process relates and interacts with many professions, disciplines, skills, and competencies like: Organizational Project Management OPM, Business Analysis, Project Management, and more.

Enroll in this course to learn and enjoy the real agile practices and tips, more over we will keep InTouch through Udemy windows for more tips and secrets.

What you will learn in this course

In this course, you will learn “through a real case study”:

Organizational Project Management OPM Agile Process in details, including workflow, documents. What is agile and why to go agile Agile Mindset Agile best practices Quick wins concept and business value delivery Types of agile methods Value based Analysis How to define and manage business value during the product design and development to ensure the delivery of business value incrementally Product requirements management key techniques and models How to Define product vision and road map to develop and manage product backlog User Story management how to customize and develop a combination of agile methods to manage the project and why we should include the predictive approach within the drawn up project management methodology. Just in time planning concept Release Planning Iteration/Sprint Planning Scrum Method

What Will You Get From This Course

Real Practical Case Study Downloadable Resources Downloadable Agile Models Downloadable Agile Templates Downloadable Agile Document Downloadable Agile Glossary Course Certification 24/7 Instructor Support

Major Course Components

Project management and organizational project management Discuss our case study Agile process in depth Scrum as an agile process

How should attend this course

Project requirement management team members, and product requirement management team members should enroll in this course including:

Project managers and project team management team members Software development teams and system analysts Business analysis practitioners Agile practitioners PMO and business center of excellence team members Any organizational governance team members are also invited to enroll.

Topics Covered By This Course

The Generic Agile Process and Practices Organizational Project Management Business Analysis Efforts, Models, and Competencies in pre-project activities Gap Analysis Project Management Activities Post-Project activities Value Based Delivery and quick wins Product Roadmap Development Product Backlog Development Release Planning Agile Methods Sprint/iteration Planning Product Requirements Management Product Analysis User stories Product Backlog Management Scrum Methodology

Who this course is for:

Project Requirements Management Team Members Product Requirements Management Team Members Project Managers Project Management Team Members Software Development Teams System Analysts Business Analysis Practitioners Agile Practitioners Project Management Office Teams Business Center of Excellence Organizational Governance Team Members


Agile Best Practices Through A Full Real Case Study What is Agile? and Why To Go Agile? How To Define and Manage Business Value During Product Design and Development Incremental Business Value Delivery How to Define Product Vision How to Define Product Roadmap How to Develop and Manage Product Backlog Product Requirements Management Key Techniques and Models How to Customize and Develop A Combination of Agile Methods to Manage The Project Agile Process in Details, including Workflow and Documents

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